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Cliff and Chris wheeler (Property owners)

This wonderful Log home came about when Cliff & I wanted to move back to Bend in our 40's. He dreamed of building his own Log Cabin and the result was a 20 year business of selling and building Log Cabins around the Northwest and if you are one of our home owners and looking for us we can be reached by the email or contact form found on this site. Now that we are entering retirement, we want to share our wonderful home and pond with others.

You might wonder why the name Baker Pond ... the Baker family had a ranch on the south end of Bend and the pond started its life as their stock pond. In the 60's/70's a developer came in and created a neighborhood called Deschutes River Woods or to the locals DRW enlarged the stock pond to its size it is today.

Google calls it Baker Lake but it really is a pond. It is only 6' deep if that. So we just kept the name and have used it for our business name for over 20 years.

My Mom who was born in 1920 came out to the pond to ice skate as a teenager. The Local kids had used the pond to fish, swim and ice skate until sometime in the 90's (we think). The developer of the development had used the pond to sell the neighborhood from the 60's-90's  and a couple bought it lived in the Cabin for a couple of years and built a fence as it was now a privately owned pond and then sold it to us in 1994 at which time we built the Log Home.  The Cabin started  it's life out on Hwy 97 as a sales office for DRW then got moved to the pond.

We hope you will come stay and Make some Memories !